Jaysh al-Islam surrender the morning after alleged chemical attack is a-typical for a staged attack

Russian Federation and Syria state the alleged chemical attack with chlorine in the evening of April 7, 2018 was staged by  Saudi Arabia supported Islam rebel group Jaysh al-Islam. Jaysh al-Islam are the militants who controlled the city at the moment of the chemical attack.

Russian Federation stated that Jaysh al-Islam performed a so called false flag by pretending the chemical attack was  performed by armed forces of Syria. The reason of doing this would be that Jaysh al-Islam hoped Western countries like the United States would retaliate  and by doing so, Jaysh al-Islam would keep control over Douma.

This is a nonsense argument!

There are many more indications Syrian air force dropped two yellow cylinders with possibly chlorine on two apartments buildings in Douma. These cylinders were used many times before by the Syrian air force. Both cylinders had a harness with an axis and wheels enabling the cylinder to be pushed out of a helicopter.  One of the cylinders show traces of a fence. Rebels in Syria never used chlorine for chemical warware. There is no evidence of a facility operated by rebels which is capable for producing chlorine and fill cylinders under high pressure. In a future post I will further explain this.

Jaysh al-Islam  the morning after the chemical attack took place  agreed a ceasefire with Russia . Militants of Jaysh al-Islam would have 48 hours to leave the city. Syrian government provided about 100 buses which transported the militants and their families to northern Syria.

In the weeks before April 8, Russia had been negotiating with sveral rebels groups active in Douma. The week before the attack, militant groups Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham came to an agreement and were evacuated to other places in Syria. However Jaysh al-Islam did not want to surrender and failed to comply to an ultimatum.

A Facebook post by the Syrian newsagency SANA posted at April 8 at 10:03 AM shows that Jaysh al-Islam requested the Syrian government to negotiate to save the lives of people taken hostage and the citizens of Douma.

So Jaysh al-Islam wanted to negotiate the morning after the chemical attack. This does not make sense if Jaysh al-Islam did a false flag. In that case Jaysh al-Islam would have waited for Western states to respond or not.

Later at April 8, news agencies started to report on the ceasefire like Reuters did at 15:47.

French news agency AFP reported that the political chief of Jaysh al-Islam stated that the chemical attack was the reason to give up Douma.  The original article by AFP has been deleted for unknown reason. Other newsagencies copied the story, like Telegraph.

The group’s political chief told AFP it was a chemical attack by the regime that forced them to accept Russia’s terms and evacuate their former bastion.

“Of course, the chemical attack is what pushed us to agree” to a withdrawal from Douma, said Yasser Dalwan

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