Russian media nonsense on chemical attack in Douma: undamaged screw thread for valve

Just as with MH17, Russian media controlled by Kremlin present a lot of nonsense on the alleged chemical attack which took place at April 7, 2018 in Douma.

This short blogpost will expose such nonsense presented by Russia 1, a stated owned television channel.

A reporter of Russia 1 went to the apartment building in Douma where many bodies including children were found. The Russia 1 reporter is seen on the balcony where the cylinder was found.

Two of his statements are clearly nonsense:

  1. “there is no scratch on the cylinder”
  2. “the valve was removed manually”

The reporter also states that the amount of chlorine in the cylinder is not enough to kill people who where hiding in the basement. I have no information at this moment to comment on this. Will research this later.

The video containing the fragments broadcasted by Russia 1 was published on the YouTube channel of R&U Video’s.

Incorrect statement 1: “there is no scratch on the cylinder”

He states that “even it (the cylinder) fell from a height of several hundred meters, there is no scratch on it”

While on the upper side of the cylinder there are no clear marks of damage suggesting a helicopter drop, the other side of the cylinder is clearly damaged. The reporter could have seen this while standing in the room under the balcony, as the Russia 1 footage shows

The photo below shows a large dent. This photo was made when the cylinder was removed from its landing position and turned around.

Incorrect statement 2: “the valve was removed manually”

The reporter then shows a close-up of screw thread (translated to carving) for a valve (translated to cap) of the cylinder.

The reporter says the valve (tap) was not knocked out when the cylinder hit the concrete of the balcony floor, but was removed manually. He suggests that as the screw thread is undamaged and so concludes the valve was removed manually.

However, the screw thread shown is not used to attach a valve to the cylinder. This video shows the purpose of this screw thread! It is used to screw a protection cap on the cylinder when a valve is attached to the cylinder. The cap is to protect the valve during transportation.

As far as I know there is no close-up footage available of the Douma balcony cylinder nor of the valve which shows the valve was knocked off.

This is an example of a valve. The thread of the valve is such that it is turned inside the cylinder.

The photo below shows the second yellow cylinder which was found in a bedroom in another apartment in Douma. It clearly shows the screw thread used to attach the protection cap while the valve is attached to the cylinder.



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