A Douma chemical attack false flag scenario does not make sense at all. Here is why.

Russia, Syrian and Assad apologists (many of the same persons who believe Ukraine was responsible for the downing of MH17) want the public to believe the militant group Jaysh al-Islam is responsible for the alleged chemical attack in Douma at April 7, 2018.

This blogpost will explain this is complete nonsense.

OPCW took samples of two sites in Douma two weeks after the alleged chemical attack. After many days of delay OPCW was finally able to enter Douma. However at one site they were met by a large group of people. On another site they were shot at and there was a nearby explosion. As a result OPCW-investigators has to return to Damascus for safety reasons.

End of May, early June the results of the OPCW investigation will be  known.

Lets first start with the motive. According some Jaysh al-Islam would have performed a false-flag so Western nations like United States would take military action against Assad. This would have made sure Jaysh al-Islam could remain in power in the city of Douma.

However, after being not on the negotiation table for about a week, hours after the chemical attack Jaysh al-Islam took the initiative to start negotiations again. Less than 24 hours after the attack an agreement was made which made sure Jaysh al-Islam fighters and their family members could leave Douma in safety and were transported to northern Syria.

So why would Jaysh al-Islam perform a false flag only to surrender the next morning?

Update May 11: after I posted this blog, Michael Kobs, a German citizen who investigates as a hobby MH17 and Syria events.  responded to all of the steps needed to execute a false flag. His response on Twitter can be seen here. I added a couple of his responses below.

In short, Kobs and a couple of others, believe the dead people seen in the apartment building, were killed before April 7, likely by bombs dropped by Syrian air force. The bodies were brought to the apartment, Muslim militants dragged a cylinder to the balcony. They applied foam to bodies to look like they were victim of chlorine. Then they removed the valve of the cylinder.

To perform a false-flag this had to be done:

  1. Jaysh al-Islam for the first time in their history would use chemical warfare. Only a few cases of usage of chemical warfare by rebel groups in Syria were documented by independant organizations like OPCW. IS used a couple of times mustard gas. Syrian armed forces on the other hand used far over 100 times chemical weapons against civilians. (source)
  2. Jaysh al-Islam would have to be sure Russian Federation would use its veto for a resolution which provides a mandate of the OPCW Fact Finding Mission to not only establish what chemicals were used, but also would investigate which party was responsible for the chemical attack. Why would Russia use a veto on a resolution to find suspects if Syria did not use chemical weapons?
  3. Jaysh al-Islam planned the chemical attack at exactly the time Syrian armed forces would normally attack. According this French government report, Assad forces after a pauze for negotiation start using chemical weapons to have the enemy surrender.
  4. Jaysh al-Islam was able to plan and execute  a false flag and make sure the French intelligence was not aware of it. See page 4 of this French government report.
  5. Jaysh al-Islam would fill at least two cylinders with very dangerous and deadly chlorine. There is no evidence at all Jaysh al-Islam had the facilities and knowledge to make chlorine and fill cylinders. (source)
  6. Jaysh al-Islam had to create fins, a harness and axis and wheels which resemble the harness frequently used by Syrian air force for dropping cylinders from helicopters.
  7. Jaysh al-Islam then had to drag two cylinders up the stairs of two apartment buildings without being spotted by eyewitness or people living in the apartments.
  8. Jaysh al-Islam had to make sure the harness of the cylinder was somehow damaged and it looks like it was dropped from a high altitude
  9. Jaysh al-Islam decided to make a large dent in one of the cylinders but not make a dent in the other cylinder. This would provide Russia and Syria to use this as an argument the cylinder was not dropped.
  10. Jaysh al-Islam had to make sure to release the chlorine gas just at the moment a helicopter was spotted over the exact area in Douma.
  11. Jaysh al-Islam had to either create large holes in concrete ceilings or had to find apartments with such a hole. If the apartment already had a hole, why was the rubble caused by making the hole still on the floor while people were living in the house? If an explosion was made by Jaysh al-Islam while there were no people living in the house, how did they get the dead bodies in the house without being seen by people?
    Kobs states the house was not inhabited. There is no food, no toys, the kitchen is not used. He does not see 22 beds for the people.
    This is really nonsense. Many items can be seen in the various video’s which provide enough clues people were living in the house. A kids book, a potty for small kids, various pans, a hairsyler, what looks like a bottle with nail polish. Douma had been in war for a long time. It is likely other families went to this apartment as theirs was demolished so there where less beds than people sheltering.

    Also, Michael Kobs made a list of names of the dead people inside the house. Many have the same family name. This makes it likely the people lived in the house.

    Syrian Network for Human Rights published a list of names. In total 41 deads were counted.
  12. Jaysh al-Islam had to make scratches on one of the cylinders to make it look it hit a fence before it hit the concrete floor. (source)
  13. Jaysh al-Islam then had to find a way to open the valve of the cylinder to release the chlorine. Either manualy but this would be a risk for the man doing that. Some Assad apologists believe a fire was started in the room below where the cylinder was placed to make the valve melt.
  14. Somehow the second cylinder, landed on a bed,  failed to release the chlorine gas. The man who was supposed to open the valve failed his task or he opened it just a bit?
  15. In the house where the cylinder landed on a bed, Jaysh al-Islam did not bother to make sure people were inside.
  16. Then Jaysh al-Islam somehow had to make sure people died. Either they forced people in the basement to stay there while the chlorine was released. How did they manage without being hurt by the chlorine themselves? Or the people were killed somewhere else and then brought to the apartment building. None of the witness made any statement which indicates such an illogical scenario.
  17. In case the people were gassed somewhere else Jaysh al-Islam had to make sure the dead bodies look liked they inhaled chlorine gas  and maybe even some yet unknown nerve agent. So they had to be using chemical warware or do very good make-up of the bodies to pretend a chemical attack.
  18. The victims belonged to a couple of families. If Jaysh al-Islam gassed the people somewhere else, they had to make sure they kidnapped a couple of almost complete families. Nobody noticed this and nobody mentioned it.
  19. Then Jaysh al-Islam had to make sure some people survived. These people were filmed in the Douma hospital. The people had to act they were victim of a chemical attack. Including instructing babies and kids how to act.
  20. Somehow Jaysh al-Islam  (including the people pretending to be hurt) was able to convince experts mentioned in the French government report on the Douma April 7 attack  of symptoms of a chemical attack. The report states ” All of these symptoms are characteristic of a chemical weapons attack, particularly choking agents and organophosphorus agents or hydrocyanic acid”.
  21. Jaysh al-Islam managed that Russian army officers who visited the apartment building stated there was no chemical attack despite the yellow cylinder on the balcony which could not be missed. Russia was not interested in the false flag.
  22. Jaysh al-Islam then buried secretly the bodies so Syrian authorities did not know the location. But it tells the OPCW where the bodies are located.

People who think this was a false flag are stuck in their confirmation bias. They see things and believe that is not right. For example this Tweet.

The person fails to understand the items were moved by people after the cylinder hit the apartment building. Many people entered the house. Bodies were moved. The cylinder itself was moved (turned). Metal which was likely part of the cylinder was moved. Even bodies were moved. The reason is not clear.

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